Tango for 3

The Tango has its origins in Buenos Aires…

The tango has its origins in Buenos Aires and has during our century gone through changes similar to its “cousin” jazz. Actually, the developement of jazz and tango have several similarities:

In our times both jazz and tango have developed into a concert music where the individual expression is one of the main ingredients.

We all take for granted that Louie Armstrong, Charlie Parker and John Scofield all play jazz, but that they belong to different styles within the jazz idiom. Tango has also gone through a similar developement, but since tango merely has met an european audience sporadicly – only few know how to identify the different styles within the tango.

Tango is a chambermusical art form where both classical instrument control and latin temperament are important ingrediets. It is a mixture of art and popular music, of refinement and rhytmical groove.

Tango for 3 try to reflect the diversity of the tango in its repertoir. It consists of traditional argentine tangos and milongas in modern arrangements, compositions of Astor Piazzolla (founder of the new tango) and also Tango for 3’s own compositions.

In Norway the tango is mainly recognized in its kind of military German form or in the even less syncopated form from Finland. Both these forms of tango are merely to be considered sideforms of tango.

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