Horacio Ferrer about Electrocutango:

Sverre Indris Joner, a creative remarkable tanguista, has with Electrocutango obtained a solid, irreproachable and refined version of new tango in this 21st century.
This admirable Norwegian pianist, composer, arranger and director demonstrates that the tango still can keep its youthful aesthetic and challenging courage like in the old times.
His playing sometimes remind of my dear colleague Osvaldo Tarantino. His devotion for the styles of Salgán and Piazzolla shines through, using it as exquisite perfumes within a totally personal style full of rhythmic complexity reflected in his inspired and original compositions.

Electrocutango was on tour in Argentina with the release of their second CD “Adrenalina”.

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From the press:
“…Pure excitement, the future of tango…”
“… Electronica, but keeping the elastic timing of the original argentine tango…”
“…Convincing and tasty..”
“…Full of moods to enjoy listening or to take you to the dancefloor…”
“…A percussive updating of Tango music, it sticks in your head. If you like electronic music it’s probably fun, if you like Tango music there are very few bands that re-invent it this well…”

While playing in Academia Nacional del Tango in Buenos Aires bandleader Joner received the honorary title as Academic member by Horacio Ferrer.

Electrocutango is considered on of the most dynamic, innovative and original expressions of the new electro-tango movement. The sound is identified as tango with an update rather than electronica with exotic seasoning. The music has a distinct identity based on tanguero musicianship and with an original approach to fusions with anything from Puerto Rico, Brazil, RnB, DnB, jazz or contemporary music. Its even a hit in Buenos Aires even though its from Norway …!

Behind Electrocutango is the norwegian pianist and composer/arranger Sverre Indris Joner. He early began to play and compose music with emphasis on the latin genres. He writes for ballet, theatre, orchestra, film and has arranged numerous tangos and other latin genres for symphony orchestra performing as a soloist.
He is also founder of the quartet Tango For 3 that is renowned for its interpretation of a wide range of titles from ABBA, James Bond, Grieg & Brahms to Salgan and Triolo.

Unlike traditional tango the improvisation is a central element in Electrocutango´s music. And different from most electronic tangos Electrocutango is basicly tanguero fusioned with all the rest – not the other way around… And when a lot of fun and unexpected fusions are thrown on top that makes it a real ball! And not surprisingly – the tango-dancers takes the challenge!

The album Felino is already considered a classic within the electronic tango genre.

Electrocutango made the award-winning music for in the innovative play Tanghost in collaboration with choreographer Pablo Veron and director Per Olav Sørensen

Selected performances by Electrocutango;
La Viruta, Club Catedral, Sanata bar, Notorious, Academia Nacional del Tango (Buenos Aires), Oslo World Music Festival, Notting Hill Arts Club (London), Berlin Tangofestival, A-realidades (Stockholm), Meditango (Roma), Tango®evolución (Cesena), Tango del norte (Copenhagen), Latinfestivalen (Trondheim), Oslo Jazzfestival, Tangocamp (Malmø).

Electrocutango are:

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