KORK – The Norwegian Radio Orchestra & Hovedøen Social Club – 2009

The *“Classic meets Cuba”*-arrangements where performed for the first time by Joner and his band Hovedøen Social Club october 2009. In addition to the arrangements from 2004 new versions of Eine kleine nachtmusic and a Grieg-potpourri was performed. The concerts where broadcasted on NRK Xmas 2009.
Many clips from this program are hits on Youtube. Watch and judge yourselves: Beethoven, Strauss, Tsjaikovski, Mozart, Bizet and Bach

Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra & Tango for 3 – 2009

The first performance of Joners “Concerto Grosso” took place the 12. of March 2009 in Kristiansand with Tango for 3 and KSO under the direction of Rolf Gupta. The concert got excellent critics from the local newspaper Fedrelandsvennen.
The rest of the concert was highlights form Joners´and Guptas´ symphonic tango-repertoir. The concert was filmed by and will be broadcasted by NRK.
Watch on YouTube the Concerto Grosso movement 1 , movement 2 , movement 3 ,
Adios nonino , Libertango , Mi viejo dolor .
Tango-dancers Ester Duarte and Chiche Nuñes danced elegant as always. Here to Danzarin.

The Norwegian Chamber-Orchestra 2008

All the way from Buenos Aires came the singer Julia Zenko to sing with The norwegian chamber-orchestra. Violinist Atle Sponberg leaded the orchestra together with Sverre Indris Joner at the piano. All arrangements by Joner, the repertoir was traditional tangos and Piazzolla. From Berlin the tango-dancers Ester Duarte and Chiche Nuñes. Here is Poema valseado by Ferrer/Piazzola. And a little pirate-video of Yo soy Maria

BBC Symphony Orchestra 2007

Tango for 3 were “artist-in-recidence” in november 2006. In the legendary studios in Maida Vale. A varied experience out of the normal orchestral routines!
(link to BBC´s pages)
The week implied workshop for the orchestra musicians, mixed orchestra with young talents from music-schools, Family-orchestra(!), collective improvisation – the Tango Fusion Finale. where musical cultures collide. And tango in all shapes and sizes! Conductor – Enrique Diemecke from Mexico.
BBC Symphony Orchestra joined by Tango for 3 and tango-dancers, for a delectable display of Tango, Brazilian songs and South American orchestral music. The afternoon’s concert, featuring a performance by young musicians from Dulwich Hamlet Junior School, was attended by over 200 primary school children.
The two programmes included orchestral works by Villa Lobos and Ginastera.

Mahlers 1. symphony in 7/8 for jazz trio & symphony orchestra 2006

The last project of collaboration between Klazz Brothers and Indris is a version of Mahlers first symphony for jazz trio and Symphony orchestra.

It was performed by Dresden Symphony Orchestra and Klazz Brothers in Dresden (twice!) on new years eve 2005 and on first new years day 2006.

Munchner Rundfunk Orchestra 2004

In July 2004 the recording by Munchner Rundfunk Orchestra started. 7 arrangements of Joner and 7 of Tobias Forster where recorded. The titles by Joner where:
Cuban Sugar (Sugar plum fairy dance from Nutcracker – Tschaikovsky)
Cinco Salsa (Beethovens 5 symphony, first movement.)
Cuban Danube (An Der Schønen Blauen Donau, Johan Strauss jr.)
Salsaria (Air, Bach)
Habanera verdadera (Carmen suites 1 – 3 , Bizet)
Bata march (march from Nutcracker – Tschaikovsky)
Wedding bells (Wedding-march from Lohengrin, Wagner)

The recording was released by Sony Classic in 2005 and was on a tour in Germany same year. The CD is available at www.amazon.de

Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra 2003 & 2004

Tango for 3 did a concert in Dresden may 2003 with the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra. 10 of the orchestrations where by Joner. The tango-couple Claudia Codega & Esteban Moreno from Buenos Aires performed 5 dances during the show. The solo bass player in the orchestra was Kilian Forster – one of the people behind the project Classic meets Cuba which consists of the trio “Klazzbrothers” and two cuban percussionists as “Cubapercussion”. Kilian Forster commisioned arrangements for the nexts Classic meets Cuba – CD. Joner wrote 9 arrangements of classical themes.Tobias Forster- the pianoplayer in Klazzbrothers – wrote another 6 arrangements. In a concert in may 2004 the arrangements where played for the first time. Conductor was Roger Epple for the opera in Halle.

Deutsche Kammer-Philharmonie, Bremen 2004

Under the direction of the catalan conductor Josep Pons the Deutsche KammerPhilharmonie invited Tango for 3 + 1 to participate in the always rainy outdoor-arrangement called “Summer in Lesmona”. Seldome have a whole orchestra been literally totally drowned in the sound of the rain & hail! But the audience seem to love this event and come every year, and the numbers are growing! Josep Pons used the words of a not too intelligent fellow countryman (toreador) “I have only two words for this – im pressive!”

KORK – The Norwegian Radio Orchestra – 2002

Tango for 3s bandoneon-player Per Arne Glorvigen was the host of two tv-programs using The Norwegian Radio Orchestra combined with tango and
other latin genres. The quartet Tango for 3 was again the center of the
project together with uruguayan singer Daniel Amaro. The two cuban
percussionist Calixto Oviedo and Alfredo Chacón, singer Alexander Fernandez
and bass-player Ole Marius Melhuus contributed in the program with cuban
profile. Joner played piano & percussion in both programs and
wrote arrangements of the following themes:

*Melodia de Arrabal*(Alfredo Le Pera/Mario Battistella)
Malena (Lucio Demare/Homero Manzi)
La Partida
Llorando se fue (Ulises Hermosa)
Piel canela (Bobby Capo)
Flickan i Havanna (Evert Taube)

Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra 2001 & 2003

Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra and the quartet Tango for 3 did
a concert during the Latin music festival in January 2001. For this ocation Joner wrote an orchestration of his own composition Mi viejo dolor. The concert was conducted by Christian Eggen.
Second time around Joner did a program with more cuban salsa direction.
Conducted by Ingar Bergby and with the cuban percussionists Calixto Oviedo and Alfredo Chacon.

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra 2000

The next project was a family-concert in february 2000 with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra commissioned 4 arrangements for full orchestra. Two where Argentine melodies and two where Cuban. The conductor was Ingar Bergby
La trampera (A. Troilo)
Danzarín (J. Plaza)
Club social de Marianao (I. Lopez)
Mambo medley (Calculadora, mambo with me, Dile a Catalina)

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra 1999

In May 1999 Joner did his first orchestrations in a project
called “Symphonic Tango”, a project in Oslo Concert-hall with the Oslo
Philharmonic Orchestra, the tango-dancers Pablo Verón & Victoria Vieyra, conductor Rolf Gupta and Tango for 3.

The concert had near 10 000 espectators in 4 days and the concerts got outstanding critics in the Oslo newspapers. The arrangements Joner wrote were for symphony orchestra and tango-quartet. The themes were traditional argentine
melodies (tango, milonga, vals). Joners contribution was:

Zum (A. Piazzolla),
Orillera (Basil/Pichot),
Tanguera (M. Mores),
Pata Ancha (M. Lapunzina),
Desde el alma (H. Manzi)

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