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Photographer Arne S. Gjone
Excellent photographer for many of my records and bands.

C+C Records
Record company for “Hovedøen Social Club”. Online sale

Record company for “Tango for 3” CDs. Online sale

Kirkelig kulturverksted
Record company for “Tango for 3” CDs. Online sale

Farmen Records
Record company for “La Descarga” and “Joner, Joner, Joner & Joner”.

Farmen Records
Online sale of “Bongofeber”.

Farmen Records
Online sale of “La Descarga”.

Jeg vet en vind
An Erik Bye-cabaret. Including: Johannes Joner, Sven Nordin, Sverre I. Joner.

En Djevel i skapet
“En Djevel i skapet”. A childrens movie.

Mater Nexus
Theatre piece. “Det åpne Teater”.

Det Glade Mariritt

Salsa dance.

Organisation for Norwegian music.

Organisation for Norwegian composers.

Oslo Tango klubb
Tangoteacher Ramon Gimenez (dance).

Seraphin tango
Another tangoband in Oslo, Norway.

Tangueros del norte
a young new tangoband in Trondheim, Norway.

Tango Concertino
Another tangoband in Trondheim, Norway.

Combo Tango
Another tangoband in Bergen, Norway.

Dal segno
And yet another tangoband++ in Oslo, Norway.

Bandoneonist Olivier Manoury
Our friend in Paris.

Astor Piazzolla
The center for Astor Piazzolla on internet.
Danish tango (dance).

Tango Argentino in the World
Lots of tangolinks.

De Tangueros
La web del tango.

Det skjer i Oslo
Music events in Oslo.

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