Hovedøen social club

Salsa in Norwegian – Contrafactive music-history-simulation & Clasicos a lo Cubano!


Late breaking news:
The research carried out in connection with this new CD release has come across revolutionary facts that turns all newer music history upside-down!
What the audience in Norway believed was an orchestra consisting of Norwegians and Cubans making cuban versions of Norwegian oldies has thus proved to have a very different origin!
Despite all the latest technological advances of navigation and surveillance technology, it has passed unnoticed to the world that there is a island that goes by the name Norbania.

i´m dying to hear the indigenous music of Norbania, Salsa to the people!

It is located in what has been called the Polar-Caribbean belt and has existed for over eighty years! This tiny island was discovered by chance by a group of researchers in the little-known field of counterfactual music-history-simulation. They have come back with a description of a society based entirely on the principles of peace, freedom and everything for free, and with a continuous dancing carnival-like celebration of National Day as a community-building cornerstone. The governing form is described as syncopated absolutism and the government is controlled by the immensely beloved six-gang known as Hovedøen Social Club.
Despite an intense desire of islanders to remain unknown to the outside world scientists have successfully brought copies of the Norbanian flag and a recording of indigenous music – known as Salsa to the people!


Or, if you need it more straight-ahead: That might not be entirely true, but a fascination idea.
And at least we have proved that its possible to fusion the norwegian and the cuban flag successfully….
Another theory of how this music has surged is the story about one day as the country woke up people found that Norway had detached from Europe and floated down to the Caribbean. Pick the one you like the most!

Oh, that ¡Que viva Noruega!-CD I´d love to buy!

Hovedøen Social Club is an intriguing project put together by Sverre Indris Joner. This sextet plays popular Norwegian songs that are re-arranged and played as authentic Cuban Salsa. Hovedøen Social Club is an alternative and exciting musical research project known as – Contrafactive music-history simulation!

Played by an all-star team that destiny has placed on the northern hemisphere to spread syncopated poly-rhythms throughout the nordic ice.

I can´t stand to live another day without buying that ¡Ay Caramba!-CD

Clasicos a lo cubano – New DVD/CD out in Mexico (and Norway so far…)

OK, I guess I have to buy this clasicos-a-lo-cubano-DVD everybody talks about!

…or maybe I just from iTunes?



On CD:

Sverre indris Joner – piano, the research-team´s leader will take on the daunting task to channel Peruchin´s spirit and to recreate the magic and inspiration from this time. Joining him is an all-star team that deserves much respect.

Carlos Del Puerto – Bass.
Known from the legendary and innovative Cuban Latin Jazz band Irakere and Cubansimo.

Pepe Espinosa – Timbales.
Known from bands like Afro-Cuban All-Stars, Bamboleo, Klimax, Cubanismo, and many others. Plays on the 1. & 2. CD.

Tony Moreaux Charon – drums and timbales. Plays on the live-recording on 3. CD/DVD. From groups like Afro-Cuban All-Stars, Carlos Manuel y su clan and Danson.

On trumpet we found the late trumpet-player Luis Alvaro Varona from the original line-up. (CD ¡Que viva Noruega!) On 2. CD “¡Ay Caramba!” Harlem Curbelo,
on live-DVD/CD with KORK (including Clasicos a lo cubano) Jose Alberto Varona

You will also find the Cuban Oslo-citizens Eduardo Cedeño on congas and of course the singer Sergio Gonzalez on lead vocals both known from the band La Descarga.

Crew, live performances in Norway:

Sverre Indris Joner – Director, Piano
Sergio Gonzalez – Vocals
Eduardo Cedeño – Congas
Tony Moreaux Charon – Timbales
Ole Marius Melhuus – Bass
Erik Eilertsen – Trumpet

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