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Born 19 july 1963 in Oslo, Norway. Grew up on Nesttun (Bergen), close to Edvard Griegs home “Trollhaugen” (no connection though, but still…) and on Bøler in Oslo. His musical career started playing ukulele at the age of 5, piano at the age 13 and percussion at the age 17.


Compositions (Excerpts. also see Records/CD/theatre/films)

Feature films

Short film/Tv/Radio




Selected performances
  • Tour with the dancetheatreperformance “Lullaby” by Panta Rei in Norway, England and Canada 2015-2017.
  • Conducting and performing with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Henning Kraggerud and Tango for 3 in Oslo 2016.
  • Conducting and performing with Tromsø Chamber Orchestra (NOSO) and Hovedøen Social Club 2012.
  • Tour with Hovedøen Social Club in 12 theatres in Norway and various festivals.
  • Concert/tour with Electrocutango in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, England, Greece and Argentina.
  • Soloist with Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra & Tango for 3 March 2009.
  • Artist-in-recidence with Tango for 3 in BBC Radio with BBC Symphony Orchestra.
  • Tour with dance-theatre by Kjersti Alveberg “@lice”. Spring 2008.
  • Tour with chamberensemble + singer Julia Zenko and narrator/librettist Horacio Ferrer doing Maria de Buenos Aires of Astor Piazzolla. 2007.
  • Concert in Edvard Griegs livingroom in “Troldhaugen” with Tango for 3 (playing on Griegs 85-keys grand-piano!)
  • Playing Piazzollas opera “Maria de Buenos Aires” at Komische Oper in Berlin (2006 & 2007).
  • Tour with tango-singer Julia Zenko (Buenos Aires) in Holland and Norway (2004).
  • Soloist together with Tango for 3 with Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra , Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra (Norway), Värmland Symfonietta Karlstad, Umeå Opera-orchestra, Gothemburg Symphony Orchestra (Sweden), Deutsche KammerPhilharmonie – Bremen, Dresden Symphony Orchestra and Westfalen New Philharmonic Orchestra, Komische Oper Orchestra, Berlin (Germany), Junge Philharmonie Salzburg (Austria).
  • Performances with“Tango for 3” in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Rosario (Argentina), Sevilla (Spain), Paris and Gennevilliers (France), Deventer and Amsterdam, Concertgebouw (Holland), Munich, Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Rechklinghausen, (Germany) Stockholm, Malmoe, Gothembourg, Visby, Falun, (Sweden) Copenhagen (Denmark), Ikaalinen (Finland) and several tours in Norway…
  • Major festival-performances directing the salsa-band “La Descarga” in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Jyväskylä Summer Jazz,, Hesperia Winter Carnival (Helsinki, Finland). Norrsken (Falun), La Isla salsakrysning (Stockholm, Sweden) Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Molde Jazz Festival (Norway).
  • More than 1000 concerts for Rikskonsertene in schools all over Norway.
  • Directing orchestra in concerts with singer Jose Mejia Godoy from Nicaragua.


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