Tango for 3

Tango for 3

Their first CD were recorded with the great maestro J. J. Mosalini on bandoneon.

Released by Kirkelig Kulturverksted in 1990

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01 Tango for to
02 La Cumparsita
03 Milonga del angel
04 Fritjof och Carmencita
05 Tangabile
06 Wienerbrødtango
07 Tango Jalousie
08 Biyuya
09 Escualo
10 Byssan lull


Their second CD “Soledad” is featuring our norwegian bandoneonist Per Arne Glorvigen.

Released by Majorselskapet in 1993

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h3. Songs:

01 Hotel Victoria
02 Taquito militar
03 Barbaridades
04 Que salgan del lio
05 Grieg + Tango = Gringo – #1 – (In the hall of the mountain king)
06 Gringo #2 (I love you)
07 Gringo #3 (Weddingday on Troldhaugen)
08 Soledad
09 A fuego lento
10 Indrispensable
11 La puñalada


Their third CD “¿Tango?” is with the same set-up as “Soledad”, but also includes invited musicians.

Released by Majorselskapet in 2000

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Recorded and mixed nov. 1999 at Musikkloftet, Oslo (www.musikkloftet.no) Sound engineer: Vidar Lunden. Edited and produced by Sverre Indris Joner. Mastered at Lydmuren, Oslo by Mikkel Schille.


01 Money, money, money (Ulvaeus/Andersson)
02 A media luz (Donato/Lenzi)
03 Minas de oro (Indris)
04 Mi viejo dolor (Indris)
05 Candonga (Indris)
06 Danzarin (J.Plaza)
07 Indrisponible (Indris)
08 Mil vias (Indris)
09 Hungarian dance #5 (Brahms/arr: Indris)
10 FM tango (Indris)
11 Lejania (Indris)
12 BONUS TRACK Tango for 2 (Prøysen/Amdahl)

Personel on ¿Tango?:

Additional musicians:

*All arrangements by Sverre Indris Joner except #2 by Sexteto Tango/Tango for 3 and #6 by Sextet Tango/Troilo/Tango for 3

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